IPAP International Paint Out Sept. 9th, 2006
The Maine Event at Acadia National Park
Attendees at this location:
Valerie Aponik , ME - APAG
Dixie Carsey, ME
Priscilla Coote, FL
Renee Emanuel, PA
Penny Evans, ME - APAG
Eleanor Falcichio, NJ
Elizabeth Gordon, ME/GB -APAG
Kay Kandra, MD
JoAnne Lambdin, ME
Marion Smith, ME - APAG
Gail Ribas, ME - APAG, IPAP
Bill Teitsworth, PA
Bob Tay, ME - APAG

Members of the Acadia Plein Air Group, along with visiting artists, met on Saturday, September 9th at the Seawall area, on the southwest side of the island, in Acadia National Park, Maine.

As you can see from the photos, the artists had a difficult job since the weather was extremely foggy, with alternate clearing and the fog kept creeping back in occasionally.

We had lots of tourists looking over our shoulders and chatting with us.

The evening Reception at the Acadia Workshop Center had a pretty good turnout.

We are looking forward to International Paint Out 2007!
If you have pictures to add, please send them to me at gribas@adelphia.net
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