IPAP International Paint Out 2003
The Maine Event
Attendees at this location:
Mary Aro, MI / ME - APAG
Ari Bernstein, ME - APAG
Ruth Donnocker, PA
Elizabeth Gordon, ME/GB - APAG
Ralph Grosjean, ME - APAG
Kay Kandra, MD
Jeanne Paradise, MA
Scott Paradise, MA
Gail Ribas, ME - APAG, IPAP
Bob Rohm, TX - OPA, PSA
Sigrid "Siggi" Saradunn, ME - APAG
Marion M. Smith, ME - APAG
Diane Taliaferro, ME - APAG
Dody Vehr, ME
Carolyn Wimer, OH

Our group, the Acadia Plein Air Group, along with visiting artists,
met on Saturday, September 13th between Thunder Hole and
Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park, Maine.

The Weather was fabulous and glorious - sunny and in the 70's. 
The wind picked up around noon and many artists had to hang
on to their easels, we had a few turnovers, but no real damage.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the day and we had lots of tourists looking over our shoulders and chatting with us. 
We are looking forward to International Paint Out 2004!
If you have pictures to add, please send
them to me at gribas@adelphia.net
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