IPAP International Paint Out, Sept. 11, 2004
The Maine Event
Attendees from:
Valerie Aponik, ME - APAG
Mary Aro, MI / ME - APAG
Siri Beckman, ME - APAG
Barbara Brady, ME - APAG
Katherine Butler, ME
Lise Ford, ME
Maryann Douglas, ME - APAG
Elizabeth Gordon, ME / GB - APAG
Jennifer Holmes, CT
Thom Hope, ME
Grant Hughes, CA / ME
Kay Kandra, MD
Kathleen Brown Lokay, PA
Michael Pawlowski, MI
Katherine Reyes, AZ
Gail Ribas, ME - APAG, IPAP
Mary Ellen Roberts, PA
Sigrid "Siggi" Saradunn, ME - APAG
Marion M. Smith, ME - APAG
Lois Streib, MA
Jinsong Jianna Tvedt, NY
Bill Woodman, ME - APAG

The Acadia Plein Air Group (APAG), along with visiting artists,
met on Saturday, September 11th in Acadia National Park, Maine.
    The Weather was fabulous and glorious - a light wind, sunny and in the 70's.  A perfectly perfect painting day!
    The participants thoroughly enjoyed the day and we had lots of tourists looking over our shoulders and chatting with us. 
We are looking forward to International Paint Out 2005!
If you have pictures to add, please send them to me at gribas@localnet.com
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Barbara Brady
Thom Hope and admiring tourists
Val and Thom
Siri and Katharine
Mary, Jennifer, Maryann
Mary Ellen
Bill and Marion
Kathy Reyes